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If you want to learn english fast
If you want to have the time to practice and become a better speaker
If you want to enjoy your time 
If you want to play games, sing, and meet new friends who have the same goals
Call our best teacher janet 
And just say hello. She will reply<3
Majdalani N. Zainab 
This workshop is all you need to get better pronunciation, rich vocab, and the confidence you need to speak up! 
I advise you to give it a try, and I'm sure that you will be amazed by the fast and efficient results. The teaching method is stunning, and Janet is an amazing teacher. You can easily get inspired and motivated by her devotion and passion for teaching! The workshop will definitely meet your needs, regardless of your English baseline level. I've gained a lot of magical tools, confidence, and more is yet to come... 
Thank you Janet!
Rola Bou SErhal
This workshop is one of the best workshops I have ever attended . I do highly recommend it since It works on developing one's communication skills , specially when put in situation where improvisation, good pronunciation and presentation skills are needed.
Siba hassoun
Hi, I'm

Janette El Achkar

I have helped hundreds of people from all over the world become better English Speakers.

I created "Just Say It" specifically for those who want to be able to Actually SPEAK ENGLISH, not just Learn It.

My Motto in life is: LEARN SMARTER, NOT HARDER!

I know which techniques work and which don't. And the ones used in Regular English Classes CANNOT Make You Speak English Fluently. My Bachelor's Degree in English Teaching Methodologies, CELTA Certification, CertIBET, accreditation as exam interlocutor and of course my 15 years of teaching experience have equipped me with not only proven teaching approaches but with enough expertise to invent, design, and deliver my own courses. And that's why I started my own School Just Say It in 2016.

Join me and practice your speaking skills with me to impress your boss, your friends, and of course yourself!

If that's what you want: Just Say It!
International Business English Trainer
& Certified Conversational English Coach
& Accredited Interlocutor
About me
Hi there. I help people become fluent English speakers, confident communicators, and a little bit better in general, thanks to the conversations we have in class.
I have helped thousands become better English Speakers. My motto in life is "LEARN SMARTER, NOT HARDER". 
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